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Putting people first.

Colorado Personal Injury Lawyers

Having worked at several other personal injury law firms in Denver, TrueCounsel founder, Jeremy D. Earle, JD, was fed up with not having the freedom to effectively and ethically represent clients. Having worked at one of Colorado’s largest personal injury law firms, as well as for a solo attorney, Jeremy believes clients deserve better than what they are receiving at other law firms.

We listen first. Every person involved in a personal injury accident is unique, with unique injuries and circumstances. Without understanding people on a personal level, we cannot serve them in the most effective way. This is why we provide a free consultation of up to 2 hours. This gives us time to fully understand you and your motivations for wanting to make a personal injury claim.

From our unique experience and tremendous skill set, we then formulate a plan tailored to your injury case and your needs. We fight fiercely on your behalf. We never compromise. We stay in constant contact with you every step of the way. We deliver you a settlement that is fair and deserving.

We believe that no case is too small or too large to take on. We believe everyone deserves compensation when they are not at-fault for a personal injury accident. Nor do we shy away from highly technical and difficult cases.

Jeremy Earle Owner & Attorney

Jeremy has had a storied career in law that few attorneys are fortunate enough to experience in a lifetime. Jeremy is following in the footsteps of his uncle, one of the greatest product liability attorneys in the country, and is carving a reputation that is uniquely great on his own.

Jeremy graduated with a degree in psychology from the University of Houston, where he went on to graduate in only 2.5 years from South Texas College of Law. While many attorneys fail the bar exam on their first try, Jeremy took and passed both the Texas and Colorado bar exams in the same year.

Jeremy has handled over 10,000 personal injury cases in the last seven years. He has been successful in reaching a settlement in over 99% of his cases. Jeremy has worked on nationally known cases, several wrongful death claims, and three separate mass tort litigation lawsuits. Jeremy was specially selected to work as a case strategist for the lead attorney in one of the largest mass torts lawsuits in history.

When Jeremy is not in the office, you can find him hiking with his beautiful wife and their two golden retrievers, trail riding on his dirt bike, taking helicopter lessons, or being involved at his local church.

Office Location

We are conveniently located right off I-25 and W. Colorado. Our office is in historic Old Colorado City at the intersection of W. Colorado and 19th Street. There is plenty of parking directly in front of the office.

Cases We Handle

The majority of the focus for TrueCounsel is on auto accidents, which includes car vs. car, 18-wheeler accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, and motorcycle accidents. We have developed an exclusive method and formula for handling these cases that result in bigger settlements than other law firms are able to get for their clients.

In addition to auto accidents, we have developed an unparalleled reputation for superior representation in premises liability cases, including slip and fall claims. Attorneys often come to TrueCounsel’s founder, Jeremy D. Earle, JD, when they have questions about premises liability law. They come to him so often, he wrote the only desk reference in Colorado dedicated to premises liability law.

You Deserve More Money

That is right! You deserve to receive a bigger cut of the settlement than what other law firms offer. So much so that we charge lower attorney fees than almost every other personal law firm in Colorado. Please visit Our Fees page to learn more.

Our Promise to You

We will always put you first.

We know something isn’t right when injury lawyers flaunt the money they win. We don’t fight for bragging rights, we fight for people. You come first.

We will explain things clearly.

We know that complexity is the last thing you want after an injury. TrueCounsel commits to explaining the process clearly, and in as much time as you need.

We will be relentless for you.

We know that fighting for an injury settlement takes intellect and perseverance. We will relentlessly fight for the result that generously gets your life back on track.

We want to hear your story.
We promise to help you understand your options and to advocate for you tirelessly. Your first consultation will always be free and honest.
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