Do I Need to Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

You don’t have to fight this alone.

Trying to figure out if you need to hire a Colorado car accident attorney is a big decision. We understand what it is like when your life comes to a halt after being injured in a car wreck. You may have physical pain, stress, and anxiety about getting to work, wondering how you’re going to pay medical bills, as well as how you are going to get your life back to normal.

It is important to note that not all auto accident attorneys are created equal. You deserve to have lawyers who will listen to you compassionately, explain all of your options, and do what is necessary to take the fight to the insurance companies.

The auto accident attorneys at TrueCounsel Injury Law are relentless in making insurance companies pay for the wrongful acts of their insured. This is a short list of things your car crash lawyers will do on your behalf:

  • Stay in constant contact with you through the entire process
  • Negotiate a fair and equitable injury settlement
  • Advocate on your behalf with insurance companies
  • Negotiate the price of your medical bills to lower amounts
  • Talk with your doctors to understand your injuries
  • Take your case to court if necessary
  • Work with investigators and expert witnesses


Top Reasons You Need an Attorney

Insurance Companies Will Not Play Fair

reasons to hire a personal injury lawyerInsurance companies are well known for not playing fair. They have zero incentive to pay you a settlement even if liability is clear. In fact, if a company built and designed a car that they knew would blow up whenever it hit a pothole, the law places no duty on the manufacturer or their insurance company to make an offer to settle your case.

This is where a preeminent TrueCounsel car wreck attorney comes in. They have the experience needed to negotiate with insurance companies and back them into a corner where they have no choice but to settle. A real car accident lawyer will not hesitate to take them to trial if needed!

It is Risk-Free, No Money Up-Front

Our car accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. What that means is you do not pay an hourly rate when they work on your case. They will only take a fee if they successfully recover money for you. Great attorneys are experts at time management and your case will get the amount of time and devotion that it deserves. No money out of your pocket up front is the most affordable option and you have nothing to lose by allowing them to represent you.

More Money in Your Pocket

Multiple studies have concluded that people who retain a personal injury attorney receive on average four times the amount of money than persons who do not have a lawyer. Four times the amount of money!

Our attorneys are highly experienced in negotiating settlements and will get you every penny you deserve. Your satisfaction of the settlement amount will be met! So whether you were involved in a catastrophic car wreck, or lost a loved one due to a product defect, they will be there to be your voice in the courtroom.


Do you know what damages you are entitled to? Did you know you can recover lost wages from being injured? What about pain and suffering damages? TrueCounsel car accident attorneys know the law, and they know what you are entitled to recover from the negligent party. They are specialized in car accident law and will skillfully examine all angles of your case. Quality representation is the only representation that you should have. Settle for nothing less.

Complicated Red Tape

The law is a crazy beast. Our attorneys are constantly staying up to date on the newest case opinions and law changes. They also attend countless seminars and advocacy courses to constantly improve themselves. By representing yourself, you would be the mercy of the judge. You can bet the at-fault party will have a reputable defense firm protecting them. As the victim, you deserve to have the best lawyer representing your voice throughout the case!


After being injured in a car collision, you are likely to feel a flurry of emotions. Pain, anger, and even fear of using a similar product. We are driven by emotions and this could affect your ability to try working things out on your own with the at-fault party’s insurance company. By allowing a great Colorado Springs attorney to be your voice in the courtroom, they can take an objective approach to your case, while properly incorporating the emotions that you are feeling to tell your story.

Investigative Team

Our attorneys work with the top professionals in the industry, from experienced trial consultants to accident reconstructionists. They remain humble and readily admit that they do not know everything; but you can bet that if they are stumped on an issue, they will diligently work to find the correct answer.

TrueCounsel attorneys devote significant time to collision investigation and working with experts. When you hire an attorney to handle your Colorado Springs or Denver car accident case, you are also getting the preeminent experts in their field. The defense will never have a more qualified expert than you do, guaranteed.

No Stress

By allowing the car accident attorneys at TrueCounsel Injury Law to handle your injury claim, you can relax and focus on recovering from your injuries. That is the most important thing you can do. After an initial consultation, you will normally only need to come into the office a couple of times. Everything else can be handled over the phone and through email. You will never have to worry about how your case is progressing. Your attorney will take care of everything so that you can concentrate on getting your life back to normal!

Honest. Caring. Trustworthy.

The great trial lawyer Gerry Spence once said, “If you want to be a better lawyer, be a better person.” This is one of the greatest reasons that a TrueCounsel attorney is an attorney to hire for your personal injury case. Upon first meeting with one of our attorneys, their passion for helping victims of vehicle accidents will show through. They deeply care about their clients and have built a reputation for trust and honesty among their peers and clients.

Get the help you need right now.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

The most important thing you can do after a car accident in Colorado Springs or Denver is to seek proper medical attention. Research studies have shown that seeking treatment as soon as possible greatly increases your chances of making a full recovery. You may also find it beneficial to see a therapist or psychiatrist if you are experiencing anxiety about driving or increased stress following the auto accident.

After seeing a healthcare provider, call the accident lawyers at TrueCounsel Injury Law. We are here for you every step of the way and will protect your interests. Insurance companies will try to cheat you out of the money you deserve early on after a car accident. One of the best reasons you need to hire a car accident lawyer is to help you see the best doctors in town.

  1. Get the Proper Medical Attention Immediately
  2. Contact your legal team at TrueCounsel Injury Law
  3. Take Photos of Your Visible Injuries
  4. Fill Out an Accident Report with the Police
  5. Keep a List of Contact Information
  6. Do Not Speak with Insurance Companies
  7. Read the 10 Mistakes to Avoid guide

Most Common Mistakes After a Car Accident

Many people reduce the value of their injury claim after a car crash without even realizing it. There are a number of things you can do to cause more pain and headaches down the road. That is why you should hire the accident attorneys at TrueCounsel right from the beginning.

The biggest mistake that we see people make is thinking that the pain from injuries will go away with time. If you are feeling pain, it means you have been injured and need medical treatment. Insurance companies will try to make it look like you are not injured if you do not seek medical treatment soon after the incident.

Another big mistake we see is people talking to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The bodily injury adjuster is trained to trick and deceive you about what type of compensation you can get from a personal injury claim. They may try to get you to admit you were at-fault for the accident or to accept an exceptionally low settlement.

Can I Hire a Colorado Attorney if I Live Out of State?

Yes, you can absolutely hire a Colorado attorney even if you live out of state. It is common for people visiting Colorado to get in an auto accident. Mountain roads are dangerous, especially during the winter, and result in a lot of car wrecks.

You can hire a Colorado car accident attorney regardless of what state you live in or what state the accident happened. It doesn’t matter where you live, but it does matter that you find an attorney who is willing to sit down with you, has the expertise and dedication to do whatever they can to get you the compensation that you deserve.

It is paramount that you retain an injury attorney who has the experience of working within the personal injury field. While you may find a divorce attorney willing to take your case, they lack the experience and specialized knowledge that is required to get you a high settlement offer. You should hire a lawyer that has a solid track record of getting high verdicts and settlements, and the necessary skill to take a case to trial if needed.

The attorneys at TrueCounsel help injury victims in every state and win cases nationwide. Whether you were injured right here in Colorado Springs, neighboring New Mexico, or across the country, they are here to be your voice and seek justice. They are available to travel to any state and meet with you face-to-face. They are always there to take your calls and emails.


Can I Handle the Case Myself?

You may think that you are capable of handling your car accident injury claim on your own. While this may seem like a wise decision at the beginning, most people realize they are powerless when it comes to making the insurance company offer a decent settlement.

It seems straightforward at the beginning. You were in an accident and another driver was clearly at fault. You suffered injuries and received treatment, now it is time for the insurance company to pay up.

Unfortunately, insurance companies know that they can get away with not offering a good settlement because there is essentially nothing you can do about it.

There is more than a little bad publicity out there regarding personal injury attorneys, and personal injury lawsuits in general. Most people believe that people are just out looking for a payday instead of receiving the compensation that they deserve from being injured. This perception is created and driven by the insurance companies.

Very few people genuinely like to sue. In fact, the vast majority of people are reluctant to sue. Most lawsuits filed every year are between businesses, with personal injury claims being much lower.

There are no laws or regulations that require insurance companies to make an offer to settle your case. They can sit back and laugh every time you call them. Insurance adjusters are trained to make you believe that they have your best interests at heart. They will make it appear that they are on your side. This could not be farther from the truth.

There are a number of things that you can do to destroy the value of your case. Such as giving the insurance company medical release authorizations, agreeing to recorded statements, and going to independent medical examinations. The worst part is you will not realize you have cheated yourself out of a decent settlement until it is too late.

You can probably handle your accident claim on your own if your injuries were not serious. If you had fewer than 7 or 8 chiropractic sessions, the value of your claim will be rather low. Chances are this is a situation where you can negotiate with the insurance adjuster and receive a fair settlement. In the vast majority of cases, though, you will receive more money in your pocket by hiring TrueCounsel Injury Law.

What to Expect During an Initial Consultation

legal consultationDuring a free consultation with a personal injury attorney in Colorado, the injury lawyer treats it as a fact-finding mission. They will want to learn as much about how the car accident happened as they can. The injury attorney will want to understand how you perceived the car wreck happened and what you believe may have been the underlying cause.

For example, you may have been rear-ended while you were sitting at a red light and have no idea what caused the other driver to not see you. But if you saw him get out of his vehicle immediately while also holding a smartphone, it could lead your attorney to believe the driver was texting and driving. Your attorney will also want to know as much about your injuries as possible. If you are not already seeing the right doctors, your attorney can provide recommendations for you.

A true top-notch injury attorney will want to learn about you on a personal level. What do you enjoy doing in life? What struggles have you been through that have defined your character? Etc. This may seem a little too personal, but it will significantly help your attorney in painting a picture of how the accident has affected your life. In the end, this will mean a higher settlement.

Legal Documents

You will be asked to sign a couple of legal documents, such as the fee agreement. Read the agreement carefully and ask questions you have before signing it. You will have the opportunity to take the agreement home and study it before signing. This agreement will outline your rights when retaining an attorney, and will also discuss how your attorney will be paid.

Medical Release Authorizations

You will also sign medical releases that will allow the law firm to order your medical records at the appropriate time, usually once you are finished treating for your injuries.


The attorney will also get information about insurance policies. It is possible that someone you live with who has a car insurance policy could be used to help pay for your damages. Your attorney will also ask whether you have spoken with an insurance adjuster and if you have given a recorded statement over the telephone.

Other Information

Your attorney will also advise that you limit the people who you speak to about the accident and your injuries. You are also advised to limit your interactions on social media.

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What to Look for in an Accident Attorney


DO I NEED A CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEYYour attorney needs the experience of handling personal injury cases, from car accidents, slip and falls, and product liability claims. An experienced attorney will know what types of things to look for to prove fault, as well as have an understanding of how different factors influence your case.

A solid understanding of state-specific laws, regulations, and statutes is absolutely imperative. Every state has different laws regarding how long you have to file a lawsuit, how issues of fault are determined, and defenses that the defendant can raise to avoid liability.

Also, your attorney needs a comprehensive understanding of how insurance companies value cases. For example, if you will need future chiropractic treatment for many years to come, the insurance company will not pay any money for it unless the opinion on your need for the future treatment comes from an M.D., not a D.C.


You should avoid choosing an attorney who does not solely practice personal injury law. The law is too complex for general practitioners in today’s legal world. An attorney who focuses only on personal injury law is significantly more experienced and will be much better at negotiating settlements and increasing the value of your case.

Almost all cases settle before trial, so knowing how to negotiate the settlement is very important. Also, you want an attorney who knows how to take a case to trial and win! Very few personal injury attorneys are experienced and confident in taking a case to trial.


Insurance companies keep track of the attorney’s performance and ability to settle cases for high amounts. The attorney you choose will have an impact on the value of your case the second you sign the fee agreement. This is before the attorney does any work. When a highly reputable attorney gets retained, the insurance companies will automatically value the case higher!

Not only does a great personal injury attorney know how to increase the value of your case, their ability to work diligently and competently will give the insurance company no choice but to settle for a fair amount.


It is important for your attorney to be objective throughout your case. The attorney needs to be able to understand both sides of the story and anticipate the arguments the defense is going to make.

Something the attorneys at TrueCounsel pride themselves on is their ability to understand the pain and impact the accident is having on your life, while also remaining objective and effectively communicating your story.


You will undoubtedly find a personal injury attorney who is very qualified and can get you a fair settlement. But what about an attorney who is not only qualified but also passionate? You can go to the best law school in the country, then work for the best law firms, but if you do not have passion for your clients, there is no driving force to fight day in and day out for clients.

Passion keeps your attorney working late to make sure they are doing everything they possibly can to get you every penny that you deserve. Passion gives attorneys empowerment, so they can help you feel empowered after an accident.

We Drive Results by Caring for Our Clients

Jeremey Earle - Auto Accident AttorneyHere at TrueCounsel Injury Law, we believe victory comes through compassion for our clients. We know that being human and skillful are the two best ways to support our clients after an auto accident. We work hard to make the injury claim process easier for you and get the maximum compensation you deserve. That way, you can get back to focusing on life, family, and recovery.

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