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We believe that you have the right to know exactly what your personal injury attorneys are charging upfront. We understand that deciding whether to hire an injury lawyer in Denver or Colorado Springs can be a difficult decision. Wondering how the attorney gets paid, whether you will pay out of pocket, or what happens if there is no settlement only adds to the stress and anxiety. That should not be the case though!

Here at TrueCounsel Injury Law, we pride ourselves on being honest and transparent. We tell you exactly what the costs are upfront so there are no surprises. One of the things that make us different from most law firms is that we do not charge “file set-up” or similar fees. There are no scams or hidden fees with us.

Attorney fees are based on what stage your case is in when we reach a settlement with the insurance company. Note that some cases may only be taken at a higher percentage than what is shown below. The fee will be fully disclosed during your consultation.

TrueCounsel is a boutique law firm specializing in exceptional results with personalized service. We are not the cheapest law firm you can hire, but we are among the best in Colorado and Texas.

Settled without Filing a Lawsuit
Settled After a Lawsuit is Filed
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Frequently Asked Fee Questions

How Do Contingency Fees Work?

With most attorneys, you typically have to pay a retainer (lump sum) upfront, or on an hourly basis. This requires you to spend a lot of money with no guarantee it will pay off.

With a contingency fee, the attorneys at TrueCounsel only get paid if they are successful in getting you a settlement. We will take our fee out of the settlement as our way of getting paid. If we are unsuccessful in getting you a settlement for any reason then you owe us nothing.

Do I Pay Out of Pocket?

No! This is one of the major benefits of hiring attorneys at TrueCounsel. Rather than paying us a retainer or hourly, we take our fee out of the settlement that we get for you. That means you never need to pay us while your case is ongoing.

Does TrueCounsel Charge Lower Fees?

Yes! We firmly believe that victims of personal injury accidents deserve to receive more money for their injuries. This is why we charge lower attorney fees than almost every other personal injury law firm in Colorado! The amount we charge is dependent on how much money we get for you.

Why Do You Use Contingency Fee Arrangements?

Working on a contingency fee basis allows anyone and everyone to afford to hire a personal injury attorney in Colorado right from the beginning. When you are in a car accident or other incident, you will likely have mounting medical bills, lost wages, and a damaged car. By hiring TrueCounsel, we begin working on your case immediately and start helping you rebuild your life. You only pay us if we get you a settlement.

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