We Accept Referrals
TrueCounsel accepts referrals and co-venture premises liability cases across Colorado and Texas. We look forward to speaking with you.
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The TrueCounsel Case Approach

At TrueCounsel Injury Law, we thrive on complex and highly technical litigation involving injuries caused by dangerous property hazards. Success in this type of litigation requires experience, dedication, and technical resources to fight large multinational companies, investigate causes, and take a case all the way to trial. We have that and more. We seek out every responsible party and do not stop until every document or piece of incriminating evidence has been turned over.

We use preeminent medical, technical, and scientific experts to reinforce arguments and paint a clear picture for jurors about how an injury occurred, who was responsible, and, importantly, provide a fair and accurate idea of damages suffered.

We respond promptly to information submitted using the online form, or feel free to contact us directly via phone and email. We pride ourselves on quickly evaluating potential cases so that referral opportunities are moved forward as fast as possible. We are always available to speak with co-counsel and clients.